NGO Registration in Araria

NGO Registration in Araria

A warm welcome to NGO Registration in Araria. It is a leading and reputed NGO registration organization in Araria. An NGO or a Non-Govt organization is a unit that works for the development of the commonplace and needy people. The gain of the helpless group of people is the purpose of an NGO. The organisation works for the good of such people like to assist the poor and needy in the field of schooling, treatment and the employment, social upliftment and better living conditions.

An NGO should act for the overall development of the society such as social, financial, cultural, moral, physical and health care. It can also aim at helping the weaker section and backward communities of the society with special attention to children, women & minorities. The progress of women and children should be the aim of the organization. Technical & educational help to enable local groups, growing self-help group for their progress are also important jobs of an NGO.

As a result, a group busy only with religious work or worship can't be a charitable unit. Likewise, a unit looking for money or profit cannot be an NGO. Thus, to open an NGO, the group should keep it in mind clearly which class it serves or from which section the beneficiaries are chosen. A public welfare unit has to help a much larger section of the public rather than a few persons. Social work is the only aim of an NGO. NGO Registration in Araria helps you to open an NGO at Araria.

Rules Of NGO in India:-

In India, social units, non-profit-making groups, public welfare units, Non-Government Organisation (NGO), can be registered as a trust, NGO, or a private limited non-profit-seeking company, under section-8 Companies Act. These social units in India (a) don't depend on the rules of any state; (b) They are run and managed by a board of trustees or ‘managing committee’/ governing council. They usually work voluntarily; (c) They help others, generally outside the members of the unit; and (d) The unit is always ‘non-profit-making’. Such a unit does not work for money or other benefits of its own members. An NGO only helps the poor and the needy, and the helpless.

NGOs are formed under Indian Trust Act, Societies are registered under Society Registration Act, and Section 25 or NPO companies are enrolled under Indian Companies Act, 2013. Where 3 persons can create a trust, for Society and NPO company, 7 persons are needed.

Types of NGO
Under Indian Trust Act, 1882
Under Indian Societies Act, 1862
And under Indian Companies Act, 2013

Documents needed for Opening an NGO :

ID Proof of the Members (Voter ID/Driving License/Passport/Adhaar Card).
One address proof of office premises. (Electricity Bill/Water Bill/House Tax Receipt).
Name of the society/NGO.

NGO Registration in Araria

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NGO Registration in Araria

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NGO Registration in Araria